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3 Inevitabilities in Parenting

It’s tough to raise children. Any parent will likely agree with this, even if they have the most temperate, mature, naturally gifted child in the world. That’s not to say raising children isn’t worth it. Ultimately, the investment in your bundle of joy will pay itself back thousands of times, and can give a life nothing but meaning. It’s amazing to know our children. But it’s also true that raising brand new human being from scratch, and even having the temerity to do it well, is perhaps one of the hardest and important achievements anyone could pursue.

3 Inevitabilities in Parenting

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For that reason, it’s important to exercise a little foresight regarding how this process will develop, and what to think of it as time moves on. This can help you prepare for the days where you may otherwise be caught off guard if not paying attention. In this post, then, we hope to discuss three inevitabilities that every parent must face over the course of their child’s lifetime, and a few strategies for helping them overcome that.


At some point, your child will come into contact with someone who either isn’t very nice or doesn’t get along with your child. This can feel terrible as a parent, and it’s not very nice for your child, either. In cases of bullying, it’s important your children know how to defend themselves by being confident (you can nurture this in them) and immediately telling a teacher. This can also help you teach very important life lessons, such as how to ignore misbehaving children, who to stay away from, and the value of being honest about difficult experiences rather than bottling them up.


Children are curious, natural and intrepid explorers, and this means that sooner rather than later, your child may encounter an injury. We have our fingers crossed and have touched wood that this will be nothing serious for you or your child, but of course, it’s important to prepare for anything. Teaching them to come to you in the event of an injury can be essential, as can asking for help when not with you. Stocking your bathroom cabinet with a first aid kid and wound care products may help in the event of an emergency. With that to hand, you’ll be much more able to enact the proper care they deserve.

Testing Independence

Over time, children become more independent. The degree to which this happens depends on their age, their experience, what kind of family you are in general, and of course, their own curiosity and courage. It can be tough to know where to draw the line as far as this is concerned. Should you stop them from exploring? Where is the line between healthy experimentation and danger?

It can be important to make sure that ground rules are in place so that they know your expectations no matter what. For instance, you may or may not allow them to have their ears pierced by a certain age, but be clear with them about it. The same goes for mobile phone access and having a television in their room. Whatever you do, stay consistent, and make sure they know why. This way, you can keep track of their behavior and make those judgements as necessary.

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