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Here’s the thing no one told me about brothers. They fight. And they wrestle. They sneak punches. They take jabs.

Like in this picture. They may be hugging. They also may be attempting to squeeze the life out of each other. I won’t know until someone screams.

They team up against me a lot. Like velociraptors. One distracts me while the other two sneak into the pantry to steal Cheetos.

They protect me too though. If one of them hates me for a second or gets really mad over something ridiculous, one of them is always there to protect mom.

They have to be separated a lot. But they constantly ask where the other ones are.

They all need to be home at night to sleep well. It’s their thing I guess.

They drive each other absolutely bonkers. And they love each other. Then hate each other. Then love some more. Like an old worn out baseball glove. Or a kitten who scratches you and asks for a pet after. It’s love. Deep down.

It’s exhausting really. But also really sweet.

Also I’m not sure which one is the loudest. Probably that little one on the side.

The one who thinks his older brothers hung the moon.


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