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Dear Autism

Dear Autism,I’m writing this because some days you’re challenging and hectic.I can’t stand to see my son in pain…the lights are too bright or the..


Dear Autism,

I’m writing this because some days you’re challenging and hectic.

I can’t stand to see my son in pain…the lights are too bright or the sounds are too loud. I see my son trying to cover his face.

And I can’t help but think..what can I do to stop him from feeling this way?

I see strangers glare from across the store. I hear the whispers of what a bad mom I must be. How if I would discipline my son…then maybe they could get a little peace.

Autism, I’m tired. We stay up most nights because you affect my son’s sleep. My son needs his rest! Please, let him sleep!

Hey autism. You can be overwhelming to a parent. We have a million questions on our minds everyday.

Will he ever live on his own?
Will he ever be able to communicate his needs?
Will he ever be able to feed himself?

Well autism, you come with a lot of challenges, I must admit.

But let’s talk about the positives for a bit.

I love how my son pushes through every challenge that’s brought his way.

I love the way my son brings me into his own world full of adventure and play.

Thank you autism. For making me a better person every step of the way.

I find myself wondering. What life would be like without you? I can’t even imagine it because you bring so much challenge to my son.

Then I think about the good you bring and how my son is my son and he is my sun on cloudiest of days.

Autism, you are apart of my son. I love everything about him.

Including you.

Autism, am I doing this all wrong?

His dad and I are doing our best to help him every step of the way. I try not to dwell when I see other children run up to my son and say “let’s play!” .

But, my son doesn’t understand so he just runs away.

I’m trying to understand you autism so I can do what’s best for my son in the long run. It’d be nice if you replied since it’s this huge guessing game.

Autism, you’ll never change my love for my son because you’re apart of what I love about my son.


A Mom.

Written by, Kimberlynn Davis

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