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He is too much

Do you have a ‘too much’ kid? One who has you white knuckling through parenting?I do. Our third born son.The one who never stops talking and asking..

Do you have a ‘too much’ kid? One who has you white knuckling through parenting?

I do. Our third born son.

The one who never stops talking and asking questions.

Who opens every drawer and cabinet.

Who jumps off couches and as the parent you watch their life flash before your eyes.

The one who demands bandaids for every imaginary owie.

And has me pulling my hair out.

This kid…when we hear his feet toddling down the still big steps in the morning we say…’and so it begins. He’s awake.’

Last night after trick or treating he said to me…’now it’s Christmas time mama.’

And speaking of Halloween, he slept with his candy bucket last night. And didn’t take his costume off for three whole days. You try buckling a t-Rex into a car seat.

He prefers to only eat chocolate. He says please and thank you accordingly.

And every morning for the last two weeks the first words out of his mouth are ‘see mama, I’m bigger now.’ Mind you he’s holding a blue blanket and looks so little still.

He wants to be big so bad.

He says words like doodie and booty and sometimes worse and then with a smile asks if he can say those words.

His baby sister is his baby. And he thinks his older brothers are so cool.

He colors on my walls and spits out his water on my floor to make puddles.

He throws clean folded laundry in the air and tells me that the floor is lava.

He is too much I tell ya.

Too much noise. Too much mess. Too much laughter and joy.

Too much magic. Too much fun.

This kid is such a joy.

‘Mama, when I’m bigger I’ll still be your baby. Just bigger. Like dad.’

He’s just too much.

He is too much

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