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I need more time with you

My son,

Your birthday is in 8 days. You have been counting down since mid December.

You love your birthday. And you love being older.

So much so that you are already telling people you are 9 years old. I lovingly correct you every time, reminding you that you are still my 8 year old.

I also threaten you with a potion that will keep you little forever. But you have no time for that nonsense.

You want to grow up. I want time to stop.

Last night you snuggled into me, shirtless, in shorts, chocolate ice cream still on your mouth.

You went into extensive detail about a video game you love. I had absolutely no idea what you were talking about. But you talked without taking a breath for at least 15 minutes.

I didn’t interrupt you once. It was a rare moment without your brothers. One where I looked at you and saw a teenager.

After you were done convincing me that you want to do chores so you can earn an allowance to buy cool stuff, you grabbed your blue not-so-fuzzy anymore blanket, the one I brought you home from the hospital in, and went up to bed.

When I came up minutes later you asked to sleep with me. I told you no though. Not tonight. Mom was too tired. Your baby brother isn’t sleeping and I just needed five minutes to by myself.

And your brother Cooper wanted you. He was waiting for you in bed.

But minutes later I thought about the last time and how someday soon you may not sleep with that blanket anymore, or ask to climb in my bed, or have chocolate ice cream around your mouth.

Little boys grow up a little every day. Soon you will be 9. And then 10. And then a teenager. A real one. Not just the one you so desperately want to be.

I’m still going to try and stop time buddy. I can promise you that. Be patient with me when I smell your hair and steal hugs and ask you to run mindless errands with me.

I want more time. With you.

Because you are my calm in the chaos. My constant. You saved me. So much so that I wrote a whole book about you. When you saw the cover you asked what it was about and I said…’you Sawyer.’

And I need more time with you. I don’t think there could ever be enough.

Love mom

Ps. Your huge brown eyes are going to break some hearts someday. And you are going to be the best dad. Ever.

I need more time with you

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