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The beauty of a brother

Laughter. You know the kind that comes deep from the belly?It’s the best.And when you hear it coming from someone else you immediately smile..


Laughter. You know the kind that comes deep from the belly?

It’s the best.

And when you hear it coming from someone else you immediately smile.

Especially when it’s two of your children.

Ages 10 and 2. Brothers.

One would assume they don’t have a lot in common. Or a lot of time for each other.

But they do.

See they both really love The Good Dinosaur and Cars. And bull dozers and fire trucks.

The older one loves acting out scenes from movies. He will zip around the house like a race car, crashing into things purposely. And fly like an airplane with his arms outstretched.

Sometimes he’s a raccoon. Or a lizard. And lions are his favorite.

He always has music playing. And bright colors seem to surround him.

His little brother is drawn to him. He’s like sunshine really.

They crash and bash these two. And tickle and wrestle.

I often wonder if the little one knows what they are doing. Or playing.

Can he see and hear what the older one does? Or is he just so happy to be enjoying his brother. And be included.

Last night from the bed they shared in our hotel room I heard laughter for over an hour. Long after they should have been sleeping.

Deep from their bellies. Only one could say words. The other just giggled.

Its the most I’ve ever heard my older son laugh consecutively.

I sat and listened to the joy they were sharing.

‘Mama, Cooper is a hugg’n me! And tickling me! I’m gonna get him mama!’

Eight years in between these two. But they don’t care.

Just like they don’t care about a diagnosis or words being said.

That’s the beauty of a brother. They just see each other.

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