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Together, We Get Forever

My sweet Cooper,

This morning I was trying to distract your baby brother by doing This Little Piggy on his toes.

I was exhausted. You had been up since 3:45 AM and the baby had been up 4 times throughout the night.

It was safe to say mama was not in the best mood.

But you boys were. Happy as can be. Loud. Running. Laughing. Getting into everything.

I grabbed your brother and plopped him up in the chair and started saying the words in my overly dramatic way.

‘This LITTLE piggy went to market. AND this LITTLE piggy stayed home.’

Your head immediately snapped up from the Tran Family on your favorite Family Feud rerun on YouTube (They are from Dallas, Texas, Steve Harvey’s old stomping grounds) and before I knew it you had snuggled your way into the chair next to your brother.

You giggled as I kept going.

‘THIS LITTLE PIGGY HAD ROASTBEEF and THIS little piggy had none.’

You grabbed my arm with the hugest smile on your face. This was your favorite part.

You nonverbally wanted me to pause. Build it up.

You wanted me to gasp and make a huge deal over that last little piggy.

I knew that.

I knew that because we have been doing this together for 11 years. You and me. Just like this.

Although the houses have changed over the years. The company has too.

While you waited on my dramatic pause, your other hand went to your baby brother…I assume to make sure he knew how amazing this was going to be.

You touched my lips, telling me it was time. You were ready.


And with that both my hands started tickling the four little legs sprawled out in front of me.

You threw your had back, covered your mouth, and laughed and laughed.

Then almost immediately, started attempting to clumsily get your socks off while pointing to your toes.

It was your turn.

This Little Piggy is our thing. Just like the alphabet song, Five Little Monkeys, The Itsy Bitsy Spider and This Old Man. We sing them every day together.

That’s not the only thing we do every day.

We also dance at least twice around the kitchen into the living room, hands over our heads twirling. Usually once in the morning and once before bed.

You hug me every single time Barney Sings the I Love You song too. You always play it right before you leave for school. It’s your way of saying goodbye.

On your generous days you hug everyone in the family.

Sometimes I think about time when we are doing these things together.

The dancing and the twirling and the tickling of little piggys.

In a way we are frozen. You and I. Mother and Son. Everyone around us getting older.

I know we are too though. I know because those little toes that I tickle aren’t so little anymore. And when I get down on my knees to meet you I don’t feel quite so youthful anymore.

And when we dance your head comes up to my chest now. I used to be able to pick you up and spin you around.

Not anymore though.

But the songs and the games and the shows…those stay the same.

I could be sad about that. No one would fault me for it.

But I refuse too. I absolutely refuse to be sad about tickling your toes and taking your hands in mine to do the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Because the joy that you give me is almost unbelievable. In these moments, I know that I am the luckiest person on this planet.

Because I get to be a kid and so do you…for longer than most.

We get forever together. Just like this.

Me and you.

Together, We Get Forever

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