Saturday, Sep 30, 2023

Signs of Learning Disabilities

Often, a child with a learning disability will be very slow in learning and may not cope well with schoolwork. They may not enjoy particular types of learning or even certain types of activities, such as sports. Some children may not show any signs of a learning disability, while others may just be uninterested in a particular subject or activity. While your child is likely to have a learning disability, you should seek help as soon as possible.

One of the first signs of a learning disability is a difficulty with writing. This condition is caused by a poor combination of fine motor skills, muscle tone, and general clumsiness. Written work is generally poor to illegible, and the ability to copy it by sight is difficult or impossible. In short samples of writing, letter formation is acceptable but is not sustained. Spelling skills are not affected, although finger tapping speed is below normal.

Many children with learning disabilities display difficulty following instructions and are often reluctant to try new things. They often have trouble with homework, following directions, coloring within the lines, tying shoes, spelling words, and other tasks. The signs of a learning disability can be difficult to detect, but can be a clue to a broader problem. As a parent, you should seek help if your child has any of these symptoms. Your child's teachers and other professionals will be able to determine if your child needs special education services.