Saturday, Sep 30, 2023


Together, We Get Forever

My sweet Cooper,This morning I was trying to distract your baby brother by doing This Little Piggy on his toes.I was exhausted. You had been up since ..

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The "Too Much" Kid

See that little one on the right?He is 3 years old and he’s my ‘too much’ kid.Too much energy. Too much noise. Too much joy. Too much love.I call him ..

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You went to school happily

My son,This morning you happily went to school.That sentence right there. I felt the tears pooling in my eyes as I typed it just seconds ago.Happily..

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We are moving forward

I took pause this morning when my Facebook memories came up.This photo. Three years ago. The caption reading:‘’This morning my middle son Sawyer..

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This is what we do

This morning I asked my son Cooper if he wanted four or five of something. And he responded with a happy sound and five fingers thrust high in the..

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